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Comet Cleaners of Las Cruces understands the investment that you have made in your household items. With that said, we offer the highest quality dry cleaning in Las Cruces to ensure your items are washed with proper care and consideration at an affordable price. With our same-day dry cleaning service, Comet Cleaners makes it easy to give your clothes the TLC they deserve.


Time for spring-cleaning? Expecting a guest? Let Comet Cleaners help freshen up any of your household items. It takes a lot of time and care to maintain the quality of your comforter and curtains. By properly and thoroughly dry cleaning these items, we can help extend their useful life.

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Drapes Cleaning


Our household care service includes gently removing dirt and stains with exceptional care. Our trained staff is ready to help clean and press your comforters, tablecloths, napkins, sheets, and certain rugs and curtains. Once cleaned, your comforters and other household items will be fresh and ready for dressing your bed or storing away until next season.

Comet Cleaners Lohman Ave.

2001 E Lohman Ave
Las Cruces
(In the Arroyo Plaza)

Comet Cleaners N Main St

2497 N Main St.
Las Cruces
(Across from Albertsons)

Comet Cleaners El Paseo

555 Utah Ave.
Las Cruces
(At El Paseo, Behind Village Inn)