Happy Bag


Comet Cleaners of Las Cruces understands the investment that you have made in your clothing. With that said, we offer the highest quality dry cleaning in Las Cruces to ensure your items are washed with proper care and consideration at an affordable price. With our same-day dry cleaning service, Comet Cleaners makes it easy to give your clothes the TLC they deserve.


Comet Cleaners offers the highest quality of dry cleaning for any of your garments. Our trained professionals understand the value of your clothes and take the extra step in thoroughly inspecting your garments to determine if special attention is needed for their cleaning. Keep your clothes looking like new by dry cleaning with Comet Cleaners.

After the optimal cleaning process is performed, all garments are pressed and hand finished, ready for you to wear!


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Comet Cleaners


Rushing to work and need to get your suit dropped off at the cleaners? Only have a few minutes between your child’s piano recital and soccer practice. For your convenience, Comet Cleaners offers a fast and friendly service that lets you drop off your dry-cleaning garments without having to wait. Here’s how our Happy Bag Service works:

  • Step 1: Receive your own Comet Cleaners bag
  • Step 2: Place any garments that need cleaning inside
  • Step 3: Fill out a tag with your phone number and any special instructions for our cleaning specialists
  • Step 4: Drop off your bag at any of our three locations and let us take care of the rest! (Use our drive-thru and you’ll be on your way even faster!)

Let Comet Cleaners’ Happy Bag Service help to get your dry cleaning needs done in the fastest, friendliest, and easiest way possible!

Comet Cleaners Lohman Ave.

2001 E Lohman Ave
Las Cruces
(In the Arroyo Plaza)

Comet Cleaners N Main St

2497 N Main St.
Las Cruces
(Across from Albertsons)

Comet Cleaners El Paseo

555 Utah Ave.
Las Cruces
(At El Paseo, Behind Village Inn)